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I caused a stupid accident in a single-disk ZFS pool, seemingly in the same way as the person in this mailing list thread, i. e., I seem to have overwritten important metadata. Can this be restored from the actual payload, or is there a way to retrieve the payload without the metadata?

Here's what I did, exactly:

  • had a ZFS pool running with a single disk on one machine
  • wanted to migrate it to a new ZFS pool on another machine
  • forgot to zpool export it on the first machine
  • when zpool create complained that the device was in use, I thought "No problem, I just took down the host, it's not in use anymore" and did zpool create -f

What I should have done (as I realised after RTFM) is import instead of create on the new host. Now I have a working zfspool, but the filesystems are gone / invisible.

I tried to reimport the device on the old host, and later tried import -D, but, quite obviously, both didn't work.

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Well first things first I'd get a bit stream copy of the disk before trying anything.

Does a zpool import -D do anything?

If I'm honest I don't think it because the new pool has overwritten all labels, blocks and pointer blocks of the original pool.

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No, import -D doesn't do anything, which is probably not surprising, as I didn't destroy the old pool, I "just" overwrote it. Ouch. –  Hanno Fietz Mar 2 '10 at 12:53

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