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I'm trying redirect from an exact folder in nginx.conf

Given the URL:

Redirect to:

Here's what I have so far:

location ~* ^/path1[\/?]$ {
    rewrite ^/(.*)$1 break;

I had it working with

location /path1 {
    rewrite ^/(.*)$1 break;

The problem with that is it also redirects a page like to

Which is not what I want. (had to take out the "//" in the href code above because this is my first post, sorry).

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location / {

  rewrite ^\/path1\/(.*)$$1 last;

  // rest of config for root


I'm from an Apache background and I've just started using Nginx in earnest, I've struggled with the re-writes myself, but, I've used the above recently without apparent issue.

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Accomplishes the same thing, thanks. Though I changed the rewrite to: rewrite ^\/path1\/(.*)$$1 break; Not sure of the difference between last and break yet. Something to do with a limit of 10 options when using location? I'm just recalling other documentation from memory here. Thanks! – user36532 Mar 2 '10 at 21:22
location = /path1 {
  rewrite ^$uri permanent;
location /path1/ {
  rewrite ^$uri?$args permanent;

edit: also read this for information on last/break/permanent/redirect.

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