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Can Squid be configured to permanently cache specific directories of a web site? In the diagram below, the lan1 Squid should cache and directories permanently. Contents of directories /x /y and /z are write once.

                /w /x /y /z
         Slow Internet Connection
          lan1  |  lan2  |  lan3
                |        |
          cache |  cache |  cache
          /x /y |  /x /z |  /y /z
          Squid |  Squid |  Squid
         ------ | ------ | ------
         Browser| Browser|Browser
         Browser| Browser|Browser
         Browser| Browser|Browser
         Browser| Browser|Browser
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A combination of cache and refresh_pattern will define how your SQUID cache performs. You can use cache to specify the directory and refresh_pattern to define how it expires.

You can use override-expire to enforce a minimum age, which violates the HTTP standard. I do not believe there is a setting for true permanence.

Cache Tuning Parameters

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For future reference,… is related to this as well. – Warner Mar 3 '10 at 16:12

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