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My title is probably not very clear but here's the deal.

I'm a software engineer with experience in many languages but my current focus is Windows/Web applications using C# and .NET.

I'm currently running a personal blog using WordPress and love it.

I need to setup a website for my consulting company and, while I enjoy the canned benefits of a CMS like WordPress, would like to build a custom ASP.NET site.

Either way my current LAMP host is not secure so I'm looking to switch and looking for a reliable alternative. My ultimate wish list of requirements would be a cost-effective (currently spending ~$120/yr for web+domain hosting) host that would allow me to deploy my own ASP.NET code and host a WordPress blog (IIS w/ PHP to external MySQL or separate LAMP site).

Thanks in advance for your recommendations (Google is not good for this type of search :-D)

Edit: I'm fine if I have to ditch WordPress. Really I'm just looking for a good ASP.NET host, the WordPress compatibility would be a plus.

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I'm kinda scratching my head, as to how you want a LAMP (Linux) and C# / ASP.NET all on one host? I'm not aware of .NET running under Linux (correct me if I am wrong).

However, my hosting is through Linode.com (VPS). Pretty sweet, but it is a 'do-it-yourself' virtual server. So if that's not what you want, you will need to find something else.

Hope that helps.

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Not necessarily on the same host. More looking for a provider that offered both Windows and Linux accounts and maybe had a shared deal where you get one of each at a discount. Or like I said a Windows host with IIS/PHP and access to an external MySQL server would also work. Ultimately a reliable ASP.NET host is my primary concern. –  Cory Charlton Mar 3 '10 at 15:09
mono-project.com/ASP.NET –  EvilRyry Apr 16 '10 at 1:46

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