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I have a few servers based in the US.

If i wish to access websites with a US Ip address, is it as simple as setting one of the servers up to accept VPN connections? Then i would direct all traffic over that VPN connection (from a computer outside of the US) to the US based server, which then goes to whatever website .. thus giving my ip address, to that being my US based server?


Reworded the post to (more) clearly state the question.

Bonus Question

Could anyone provide links to help set up a Windows 2008 server to allow this?

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Yes, quite easy to do. Use any VPN software to connect to your US-based machines, and connect to the rest of the internet from there.

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While a VPN would allow this what you really want is a Proxy Server. There's are a bunch of free ones available but they are normally pretty slow. There are also many that charge you for the service and they tend to be much faster.

A plugin like foxyproxy is very handy for this stuff as you can pick what domains go through the proxy and which ones use your local internet connection natively. They also have a proxy list and instructions on how to setup your own private proxy on their website.

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i've got my own Squid proxy server set up on one of my US servers, but i also need NON HTTP traffic (eg. UDP, etc) to go via the VPN, unfortunately. Agreed though -> having a proxy server is an easy way to do this, if i didn't need non web traffic also. – Pure.Krome Mar 4 '10 at 2:33
Yeah if you need traffic other than HTTP then the VPN is the way to go. – 3dinfluence Mar 4 '10 at 2:55

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