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I 've got a small lab set up with trial ESXi 4.x with latest updates and patches. On the moment I 'm testing HA with some strange results. As mentioned above some VMs start up without having configured to do so.

  1. At the host configuration tab, virtual machine startup/shutdown, I 'v only marked vCenter to automatically start up
  2. Cluster features
    • Turn on VMware HA
  3. VMware HA
    • Enable Host minitoring
  4. Virtual machine options
    • VM restart priotity: low/high
    • Host isolation response: shutdown
  5. VM monitoring
    • Enable VM monitoring Virtual machine settings
    • VM monitoring: low/medium

The stupid thing is that other VMs with the same settings do NOT start up. All VM's were shutdown properly.

Any ideas?

Greetz Jaap

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I'm not sure how well my answer applies, but at my company we use ESX and virtual center to manage. When I log into Virtual Center I look at our ESX server settings, not the settings of the individual servers. We have 5 ESX servers in a clustered environment, so I'm just looking at one of those 5.

I click on the configuration tab, then "Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown". I have seen this option before in other versions of VMWare, so I bet you have it too somewhere. Once in there you can edit the properties of this item and choose how servers startup/shutdown. We set all of our servers to "Any Order" except the absolute critical ones, those are ordered, but we only order a select few.

Hope this helps...

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