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I know I can control access to programs in Terminal Services (TS) via 'Software Restriction Policies.' But is there a way to show only the programs relevant (i.e. accessible) to the TS user -- something akin to multiple profiles in a regular XP/Vista workstation?


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Look at Application Virtualization for Terminal Services this may be closer to what you're trying to achieve. It's a feature of windows server 2008.

In 2003 you'll have to look at putting in group policy to lock down the terminal services user profile, loop-back processing & mandatory profiles can help with this.

Your other alternative is Citrix.

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Yeah - to echo and elaborate on @Nick's answer. Mandatory profiles can do this, but they're a pain to maintain once the environment changes. Look up the Flex Profile Kit - it's a combination of existing free MS technologies that lets you do, essentially, roaming mandatory profiles with customization, and some parts are persistent.

edit - oh snap. It looks like the latest release of the Flex Profile Kit is now non-free. Bastards.

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