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I have a sql server 2008 database that is in Full Recovery mode.

I haven't made a backup of the database or log.

Some data was inadvertently deleted from the database. I would like to go back to before the point in time that the data was deleted. How can I do this?

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You cannot. Because you never did a backup, the database was not in full recovery mode, was in simple recovery mode (despite the setting), see is that database REALLY in the FULL recovery mode?. So the log was recycled since the delete occurred, making it impossible to recover anything.

But it begs the question: if you did set the recovery model to FULL, why didn't you also took a backup immediately?

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That begs my answer: I didn't know that there was a such thing as "pseudo-SIMPLE" recovery mode. – Ronnie Overby Mar 3 '10 at 18:36
The fn_dblog() function is more helpful to find out the accidentally deleted transactions when you don't have the backup of your transaction logs. – Jason Clark Mar 8 at 5:53

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