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Recently switched to a different server, some php files use curl and seemed to be running fine originally but not so much anymore. Here is curl_getinfo for google.com

array(20) { ["url"]=>  string(22) "http://www.google.com/" ["content_type"]=>  string(24) "text/html; charset=UTF-8" ["http_code"]=>  int(200) ["header_size"]=>  int(504) ["request_size"]=>  int(1136) ["filetime"]=>  int(-1) ["ssl_verify_result"]=>  int(0) ["redirect_count"]=>  int(1) ["total_time"]=>  float(20.098232) ["namelookup_time"]=>  float(0.006034) ["connect_time"]=>  float(0.020963) ["pretransfer_time"]=>  float(0.020999) ["size_upload"]=>  float(0) ["size_download"]=>  float(5481) ["speed_download"]=>  float(272) ["speed_upload"]=>  float(0) ["download_content_length"]=>  float(5481) ["upload_content_length"]=>  float(0) ["starttransfer_time"]=>  float(0.047948) ["redirect_time"]=>  float(20.035229) }

There is 1 redirect and it is somehow taking 20 seconds, basically 100% of the time I wait.

There are other odd delays as well, logging into ssh is taking 20-30 seconds to authenticate/deny after password and that used to be instant.

Any ideas?

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The problem was IPv6 - for some reason the DNS was taking 20 seconds to fall back to IPv4. Removing IPv6 support solved the problem.

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