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We're enhancing our software to be able to print to an IPP-based printer (I'm running CUPS on a RedHat-based Linux distro). The QA person is remote, though, and because of firewalls and proxy servers we cannot configure the IPP-server to use a printer local to him (nor can he set up his own IPP server). Is there a printer driver I could use or craft that would create a PDF or JPG out of what's sent to it and then turn around and email it to the QA person? Or is there a better idea for testing this? Thanks!

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Create a PDF printer; configure it to output to a certian directory; hook inotify, or use a cron job to pickup new files in that directory, email them and delete them. Not elegant, but probably a 1/2 page of shell scripting... –  JeffG Mar 2 '11 at 19:47

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