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We are running Exchange 2007 SP2 on Server 2003. I have already installed the pre-licensing agent on the HUB servers and enabled the transport agents. I'm also running Windows 7 so there is no need for the pre-licensing agent on the client. I'm still getting prompted to sign up for a Live ID when I try to send a "Do not forward" email. I have already installed and enabled these pre-licensing agents. Do I actually need a separate RMS server to dish out these licenses or am I doing something wrong?

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According to this article, whilst the pre-licencing agent is installed on Exchange, it is just that, an Agent, you still need an RMS server for it be an agent of.

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That is exaclty the answer I was looking for, but was having trouble finding. Thank you very much. – Gwave65 Mar 5 '10 at 18:10

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