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I'm running msys 1.0 on Win2K using the rxvt.exe terminal. By default, tab-completion works, but when I do 'set -o vi' to enable vi-readline editing, tab-completion stops working. Surely I can have my cake and eat it too?

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Add this line to your ~/.inputrc:

"\C-i": vi-complete

To enable it in the current session without having to restart it, type this at the Bash prompt:

 bind '"\C-i":vi-complete' 
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Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried both of these and I still have the same problem. – William Knight Mar 9 '10 at 18:08
But wait! After doing the bind command, I found that if I also unchecked 'Quick-Edit' mode in the options tab of the msys.bat properties, then it worked! thanks! – William Knight Mar 9 '10 at 18:58


set -o vi

followed by

bind '"\C-i":complete'

seems to give me the behavior I want (tab tab suggestions, and vi editing behavior). This seems strange to me because


is the default in the ~/.inputrc file.


"\C-i": vi-complete 

to your


seems to work but only if there is a single suggestion, and tab tab does not give you a list of suggestions as it did before. Does anyone have a more complete suggestion?

I tried:

$if mode=vi
      # "\C-i": complete
        "\C-i": vi-complete

But it as no effect if I switch to vi after I start mingw by typing

set -o vi

Of course

bind '"\C-i":vi-complete'

does work, but tab tab does not show all suggestions, and it only auto-completes if there is but a single suggestion.

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After searching the mailing list, I added these lines to the top of my .inputrc file:

set editing-mode vi
TAB: complete

This seems to work for me so far.

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