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I am having a brain fart. I can not figure this out. I am sure someone has asked this before, but just can not seem to find it. (hence the brain fart)

if you look at the following domain names as examples:


Would be if broke down for explanation purposes as

someserver1 and somserver2 are physical servers. The US and UK would be 2 office far apart and the example.com would be the master domain.

also for email example:


What would the bind/named records file look like?

Keep in mind that there is only 1 name server here..

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This looks like homework. –  Warner Mar 5 '10 at 19:58
Don't know if it's homework or not, but I'm not sure what you're asking -- there's not enough here to deduce what you want to know, so I can't even guess at approximate zone file contents. –  voretaq7 Mar 5 '10 at 20:10

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Something like this

$ORIGIN example.com 
; SOA record, A record for domain, etc.
  MX smtp.example.com


or you can do something like this. ( Of course it would make more sense to seperate the UK and US definitions in different files )

$ORIGIN uk.example.com
$ORIGIN us.example.com
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+1 There's a thousand ways to do what he's asking, and here's two good examples. –  Chris S Nov 16 '10 at 20:34

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