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I haven't the slightest idea is this is possible, though I believe it is not.

I would like a Linux client to be able to change permissions on folders on a Samba share on an NT (or Windows 2000, or something) server. Is this possible, assuming the user who is accessing has sufficient privileges?

If so: From the command-line, how would this happen on OSX and on Linux?

Note: For clarity, the server with the share is Windows. The client accessing the share is Linux. Something other than Samba could also be considered, if someone has a better idea :)

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There are programs that can do this such as RTMSHARE from the Windows Resource Toolkit or SetACL (search sourceforge), but neither would run on OS X or Linux natively. You could investigate running them in a virtual environment on OS X or Linux. Alternatively, if the Windows machine you are attempting to modify allows remote login, you could install it and run it remotely.

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Thanks for that. The reason behind the question is that either I will do this from a native process on the Windows box receiving connections via HTTP or a message queue, or from the other process running on Linux. Looks like I'll need an app running on the Windows side. – Yar Mar 5 '10 at 15:11
alternately these tools might run under WINE (instead of a full virtualmachine). – quack quixote Mar 5 '10 at 16:11

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