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I want to upload files directly to IIS7 (in this case I am using the WebRequest object in .NET). Thus I need IIS7 to accept POST, PUT, and DELETE verbs such that I can upload and delete files on the server directly. Is it possible to have IIS accept files without a a web framework like ASP.NET? Essentially I want to be able to use IIS (HTTP) as an FTP server.

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A web server by itself is not designed to do this, which is why the frameworks exist. The closest option is to install and configure WebDAV. WebDAV gives you most of the functionality you ask for.

The WebDAV module for IIS 7/7.5 appears to be completely rewritten to work with the new architecture of IIS 7. Here's a link for the download and instructions for installing and configuring it.

Installing and Configuring WebDAV on IIS 7

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Is it possible to have IIS accept files without a a web framework like ASP.NET?

No. Especially given that IIS7 is in large parts written in .NET - what would be the sense of that? Driving a car without using any fuel?

If you would rup out the .NET framework (which ASP.NET is integral part of) IIS would not even start.

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IIS 7 is native code - the .Net bits are all optional. – TristanK Apr 20 '11 at 22:52

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