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I'm new to terminal servers and would like to customize my users' environments so that they save all their files to their home directories. I don't want them to have my documents or any other folders on their terminal server session other than their home folders.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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You could try Profile Acceleration Technology with roaming profiles from Tricerat... haha – Not Kyle stop stalking me Mar 2 '11 at 20:38

You need to make copious use of Group Policies to enable folder redirection + roaming profiles.

You can redirect Desktop, Documents, and Favorites to their home folder (or another share if you don't want it to use their home folder).

I would however advise not redirecting Application Data. Windows stands on this and you will notice a performance hit. Using roaming profiles should address that folder.

This is not a silver bullet though. Occasionally a profile will get out of whack and need to be renamed. Folder redirection only works properly when redirected to a local folder on the same LAN. Don't redirect it to a location that is on the other side of a low speed wan link.

Chapter 4 "Creating the user work environment" of the Windows 2008 Terminal Server Resource Kit is an excellent how-to guide:

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