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I have my primary domain with wildcard subdomains setup already. and

I want to provide my users with additional domains that they can select.,,

These additional domains would also need to support wildcard subdomains (as the subdomains route to a username).

Anyone know how to properly configure this in DNS and VirtualHost config?

Currently I have the additional domains as A records pointing to the same IP as my main domain (with a wildcard subdomain A record for each as well). In my VirtualHost config I am placing the additional domain names in the ServerAlias directive.

Let me know if any more detail is needed.

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Basically you've already written how to do it:

Create A resource records for and *, then add ServerAlias * to the appropriate VirtualHost in your Apache httpd configuration. ServerAlias can occur multiple times inside a VirtualHost container.

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The issue was in how I was setting up my DNS records. I needed a set of records for each domain, where I was trying to add multiple records for different domains under my primary domain. – Derek Reynolds Mar 7 '10 at 17:18

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