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I have an internal windows authenticated website that I need to expose anonymously to external users.

extern: (public) intern: http://privatefoo/ (requires windows auth)

I want people hitting to see no security prompt, just get access to privatefoo - I know this is possible in a simple reverse proxy setup but does anyone know how to make the proxy provide windows credentials?

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Consider using Application Request Routing (ARR).

This will do the reverse proxy using IIS7 all the way. You can have it on the same machine or a separate machine(s).

For authentication, your best bet is to have the private site auto authenticate requests from the reverse proxy. You can do that with a HTTP Module on the private site that runs before authentication.

I'm curious though why you would lock down a site locally that you are giving the world access to anyway? If you're giving the world access to it, why not open it up privately too?

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