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I have a few domains with Dreamhost where I have set a load of records using their web based domain name system, and I've like to move them to another provider that lets me enter info directly as a text file for their name server, bind 9 to use. (If you're interested, I'm moving them to

Previously when I used a cpanel based system to do something similar, there was a tool that let me simply enter a domain name, and any available domains were automagically entered into a system, saving me typing it myself (and bringing down sites with silly typos in the process).

What open source tool can I use to query a domain for all the relevant subdomains and records and list them in a format like a zone file, that I can use with other name servers?

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Is it possible to get Dreamhost to allow external axfr requests? – andol Mar 6 '10 at 22:47
I don't know what axfr requests are, but it can't hurt to ask them. Will update when I hear from Dreamhost. – Chris Adams Mar 7 '10 at 0:12
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It seems this question comes up a lot. I answered a similar question in:

Chances are, Dreamhost is not going to want you to do a zone transfer (axfr) against their production system. You might be better off asking them for a copy of the zone file.

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