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Hey, I have a weird issue, a user was was logging into a laptop using the local admin account which was working fine. I had to create another account on the system, which was also an admin account, when this happened the 'administrator' account disappeared from the 'choose an account to login with' screen. A quick workaround is available, if the user presses ctrl+alt+delete it brings you to the screen where you can type in the username and password, so by manually typing 'administrator' it can log in.

Normally this would be easily fixed, I figured the admin account had somehow been disabled from the local system, but i checked all settings and it is setup fine.

The laptop is not part of a domain, so I used the management console to delete the new account and all that succeeded in doing was making the 'choose an account to log in with' screen display no accounts to choose.

So far I see nothing else to fix it, the option to change the default logon screen to style where you type the username and password also seems to be missing.

any ideas?

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Default behaviour for XP is to hide the administrator account if a second account exists. MS reccommends using limited user accounts for daily use. Have you tried this HOWTO?

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