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take a look at the DNS errors on this site. Might it affect how google indexes the site? The site is not even returned in searches

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Ok, so here is what intoDNS is complaining about. I'll first give you all the commands I executed and then explain them step by step.

lukas$ whois | grep "Name Server:[A-Za-z0-9]"
Name Server:NS0.TELIVO.COM
Name Server:NS1.TELIVO.COM

lukas$ host -t ns name server name server

lukas$ dig NS | grep -v '^;'      600     IN      NS      600     IN      NS

lukas$ host -t ns org | head -1
org name server

lukas$ dig NS | grep -v '^;'      86400   IN      NS      86400   IN      NS

lukas$ dig @NS0.TELIVO.COM NS | grep -v '^;'      600     IN      NS      600     IN      NS

So the first thing I did was ask the Whois Server what he thinks the DNS Servers for are. He returns the ones.
However in the second command I ask my providers Nameservers what they think are the authoritative nameservers for and they return the ones
In the third command I ask your nameserver to return the list of nameservers that he thinks are authoritative for and he answers with the two that are present in the zone, and
In the fourth command I just get some authoritative nameserver for the TLD .org and then in the fifth command query that nameserver and ask him what he thinks are the nameservers for He returns the ones from the Whois info.
In the last command I ask the nameserver what he thinks is the auth NS for and he returns the ones. Which by the way is the reason why your Domain can be resolved at all.

So it's exactly as intoDNS explains. The parent Nameservers (those responsible for the TLD .org) think that and are authoritative for However when you ask them they tell you something different. And there's the missmatch. So technically it works but formally - as far as the registar information goes - the setup is broken.

To fix this just update the Domain Registration Information. Remove the and nameservers from the registar info and add the two and servers.

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(Reposting my answer to your SO question.)

To index a site, Google has to be able to reach it. The absense of A records for your nameservers could make that an intermittent problem.

But one of the biggest problems surely is:

WWW A Record ERROR: I could not get any A records for!

...which is going to make it hard for Google or anyone else to actually visit the site. But I was able to ping it and get name resolution (, so clearly something somewhere is working for you.

At the end of the day, you want to clean up the errors regardless of SEO.

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