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I'm trying to research the best placement of wireless APs in a given space, and I'm running into problems in gathering information.

I found (what I thought was) a great source in this tech republic article:

While this diagram seems detailed and overall very informative, there were a lot of comments talking about how it was lacking in things like "wire racks, microwaves, concrete walls, motors..." etc.

Maybe I'm rash, but I just sort of looked around my office (which is, albeit, somewhat smaller than the one diagrammed), and went "uhhh, there", and hooked up the AP. It seems to cover everywhere. I imagine if my office quadrupled in size, I'd logically divide it up and put four APs in, with a similar amount of thought devoted to each.

So, suppose I had a much more complex office. What tools (both diagramming and surveying) do you use to plan your AP placement?

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Matt, we use this planning tool from Air Magnet (which is owned by Fluke networks). Its amazing but somewhat expensive. But we found the tool indispensable.

For a poor-mans survey; you could use the opensource tomato firmware by which has a good wireless survey tool built in the AP.


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Those sound cool, thanks! – Matt Simmons Mar 8 '10 at 1:48

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