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I had an old site that was built with ASP, the homepage url looked like this "www.hifimaven.com/index.asp". But now the new site is built on top of RubyOnRails using nginx. and the new url to the homepage "www.hifimaven.com".

How can I tell nginx to redirect to the new homepage url if the user types the old url instead of showing a 404 page.

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enclosing rewrite rule into location will make processing faster:

location = /index.asp {
       rewrite ^ http://www.hifimaven.com permanent;

adding rewrite rule globally to server {} will cause nginx to check all request uri to the pattern in the rule. Location, especially with strict comparisong, is much faster and correct from ideological point of view.

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im not the best at nginx rewrites but im pretty sure something like this should do

rewrite /index.asp$ http://www.hifimaven.com permanent;

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No need to enclose in location

rewrite ^/index.asp$ http://www.hifimaven.com/ permanent;
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