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Can you help me with my capacity planning?

Is there a limit for creating Sites in IIS. i have searched and some forums have it in discussion which says there is no limit. Someone mentioned that he has created upto 100,000 sites in IIS 6 but i dont know his server specs though.

Personally i feel that whatever the limit of IIS, the resources will be run out well before the limit reaches.

how do big sites like blogger and wordpress handle a huge number of sites on their server.


1) Is there an upper limit for IIS 6.0? if yes then what is it

2) What should be a good number of requests IIS should serve for a decent server? (I am not talking about dynamic requests on server or logs.)

3) Is there a way I can do the test run on my cloud to test the capability of my server. what factors should i keep in view. db request, page size, disk read/writes etc ? Response shall be highly appreciated.

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There's no sane limit to the number of sites, though Microsoft doesn't say the conclusion seems to be as many as the hardware can handle. (Side Note: IIS7 can handle 100,000+)

  1. Your concern should be on the hardware/bandwidth, you're doing to reach limits there way before IIS6 stops you from expanding.
  2. Define "decent server", that's a pretty broad term, there are $2,000 servers and $200,000 servers, there are webfarms as well. How many requests? It's highly variable, it depends how lightweight your code is, how many database connections per page, etc, etc....there are a lot of factors.
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