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I am building a SaaS product. When a user signs up for an account they must select an alias for their site --------.getlaunchpoint.com. Right now I have an A record *.getlaunchpoint.com that points to the ip address of my dedicated server. However, with Azure I am not given an IP address. The suggested implementation is to make use of a CNAME.

I think I would need to create a CNAME for *.getlaunchpoint.com -> getlaunchpoint.cloudapp.net in the case of Azure.

GoDaddy does not support CNAME wildcards. Searching on Google I'm getting conflicting information... is CNAME wildcard a bad practice?

I run into the same problem with Amazon EC2 if I want to make use of load balancers, because you cannot tie a public IP address to an Amazon Load Balancer. Amazon also suggests the use of a CNAME.

Any help would be appreciated.

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See this question here on SF.

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