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I have a Exchange 2007 server with 3 databases and a Exchange 2010 server with one new database. Firstly I'm unable to create a new database on the Exchange 2010 server, I see no button or command to do this and where I would expect to find the 'Storage Groups' I see 'Database copies', what is the difference between the two and how are they related? I would like to create another database on the 2010 server and move the users over from 2007 but I can't see how to create another database. I'm puzzled!

Thank you for any comments.

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Ah, what happened to reading documentation?

I suggest a little read in

Storage groups are retired, did not work.

Database copies are that - backup copies of databases. You can basically have:

  • Multiple copies on the same computer AND
  • Copy a database to another computer via queue

which, all in all, gives you pretty much a "never need the backup" scenario.

Now, creating another database is not exactly hard... has the command line methods for that.

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