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Im looking for something that can read a PST file and undelete a folder than has been deleted from the PST (it is no longer in the deleted bin). I tried a "free" tool only to find out once its installed its actually a commercial tool and wont copy out the deleted items without purchase. It can definately see them, though.

Is there an OSS or free tool that can do this? I see a couple PST projects on sourceforge, but they are mostly for converting to mbox and other formats. Not sure if they'll see the deleted items. Thanks.

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Is there any chance of simply restoring an old version of the PST from a backup? –  Zoredache Mar 9 '10 at 22:07

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I have never used it but READPST looks to be a likely contender.

The -D option is to "Include deleted items in the output."

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