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Ok - I confess, I changed the admin password and misspelled it when entering it in our password bank.

Is there a way to retrieve it?

We are using Windows Server Console.

System Rescue CD has a utility call ntpass - though it seems it can only reset the password not recover it.

Ophcrack support/FAQ

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OMG OPHCRACK IS AMAZING!!! thanks all!! – chickeninabiscuit May 26 '09 at 2:20
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Ophcrack is worth taking a look at. It's saved me numerous times, and is perfect for when you want to retrieve the password, rather than change it.

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Try OphCrack as previously recommended. This should allow you to load a sam file from a different computer, even offline. So, you'll need to pull a file off the system in question. Possibly located at


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OphCrack should work for your needs

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EBCD - Emergency Boot CD

It will let you set a new admin password. I haven't tried it on a VMware image, but I've saved my bacon a few times on physical servers.

How to use EBCD

It seems EBCD is no longer maintained. Here's one that I have seen a few recommendations for How to use pc-login-now

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thanks Brad, I really need to recover the password because i don't want to bring down the live image. – chickeninabiscuit May 26 '09 at 0:53

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