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I have IndexIgnore * in a directory for which I don't want to allow directory listing.

Now, in a sub-directory, I want to override the IndexIgnore directive defined in parent directory and allow directory listing.

The documentation for IndexIgnore says

The IndexIgnore directive adds to the list of files to hide when listing a directory.

How do I allow directory listing for this sub-directory?

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Try Options -Indexes instead. If this .htaccess file applies to the sub-directory with Indexes, try specifying +Indexes.

Best practices often entail specifying these settings within httpd.conf instead if you're the system administrator. Also, it's more risky from a security perspective even to enable .htaccess files in the first place. If the Web server or application user were compromised, this would be one of the first places that could be written to without complete compromise.

If specified in the Apache configuration file instead, you would often specify Options within a Directory section.

Apache Docs

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FYI, what you are looking for does not seems to be possible: Re: [users@httpd] IndexIgnore

(I found this and your question looking for a solution to the same problem.)

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