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I am looking for an open source notification/monitoring software which will work much like growl does with a mac.

It would be awesome if I could receive certain messages to my mac computer from my server when lets say it restarts or some predefined error happens etc.

Anyone know of anything like that?

I know of Nagios but I am thinking not as complex.

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Pick any monitoring system you want and, as part of the alert process, have it run a Perl script to send Growl updates to your machines through available libraries (e.g. Net::Growl).

Another option is, if you have an internal Jabber/XMPP server, have the alerts be sent to your chat client, and that that pop things up in Growl (Net::XMPP). Or even Twitter:

As it stands, monitoring is an entirely different topic and you need to provide more detail if you want anyone to recommend particular software. Some open source options are

  • Nagions
  • OpenNMS
  • Zabbix
  • Mon
  • Monit

I'm sure there are others that people can recommend. Search this web site for more information.

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So I can search this site or Google for "Mon" and expect to find anything other than log files? – wberry Oct 27 '11 at 14:27

Out of the 5 that Foo suggested, if you're after something quick and simple to setup, without a doubt go for monit. I'm not familiar with mon, but nagios, opennms and zabbix won't fit into your requirement of less complex than nagios.

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