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I'm currently using Oracle 11g on RHEL5. I'm digging to see what are in the archived log files. After I query from v$logmnr_contents, I see many transactions of UNSUPPORTED operation.

What do these unsupported transactions mean? I think that it's the cause that make my database generates lots of archived logs. Moreover, I'm using global temporary table for generating reports. I discover that when I insert and delete from those temporary table, it also records in the archived log file.

How to do to reduce those recorded transactions?



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Are you SURE they are global temporary tables ? There isn't another table of the same name in a different schema, or a view or synonym. Are you doing stuff with LOBs ? – Gary Mar 12 '10 at 5:41
Yes, I'm sure that they are global temporary tables in my schema. – Sarith Mar 12 '10 at 7:43

The following operations are unsupported in Logminer, Oracle 11.

  • BFILE datatype
  • Simple and nested abstract datatypes (ADTs)
  • Collections (nested tables and VARRAYs)
  • Object refs
  • Tables using table compression
  • SecureFiles
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