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What are the differences from security point of view running a web server on linux and running a web server on windows. I heard that almost nobody going to attack linux machine. Is that true? or Linux is hard to attack and nobody want to waste his time?

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Linux certainly is and can be attacked. But assuming two properly configured and maintained servers, aka regularly patched, the risk is about equal. Most of the problems with web servers come when you're running a CMS or web app of some sort. Most of which are poorly programmed and become the target for the attack.

For the OS and web server stack itself the main difference I think you'll see is the amount of time it takes to patch a vulnerability. Microsoft doesn't have as good of a record when it comes to that compared to the open source world.

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Attacks against web servers these days is most commonly done via the configured web applications. If you are running a vulnerable version of Wordpress or some other commonly deployed web application then it doesn't matter too much if you have IIS or Apache.

Linux boxes are being probed constantly for vulnerabilities if nothing is done to block it. Just do a search here for 'denyhosts'. You will see many questions about people trying to remotely access linux boxes via SSH.

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