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I have a problem using the CLI with PEAR in a WAMP environment, I have tried different ways of getting pear to run in CLI but it doesn't want to go, I even have tried making a pear.bat file that points to the pear.bat file, using "%1 %2 %3" to capture extra info...

I want to know what does the file called PEAR_ENV.reg do?

It is mentioned in many places (forums, blogs etc) to set your environment variables so that you can use pear from CLI.

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The PEAR_ENV.reg appears to be something that go-pear provides for Windows. For pear on windows you will want to download http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar and then install using command:

C:\your_php_location\php.exe -q c:\your_go-pear_location\go-pear.phar

You need to follow the directions in the installer to make sure the paths are correct.

I'm not sure if you have followed these instructions already. If so you should post the actual problem or error you are getting when trying to run the pear command.

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Also, I think this question might be better suited in the SuperUser StackExchange, –  Andy Shinn May 7 '11 at 5:15

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