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I have a FreeBSD8 server, and VPN connection to my ISP. I use mpd5 and it works fine.
Also I have an Apache server whch works fine, if I start it manually, after VPN is get up. But when I add it to rc.conf autostart, it fail to start, saying

(49) can't assign requested address: make_sock could not bind to address

I suppose it's because VPN isn't up yet and no IP address assigned to the interface which i set in the Listen directive in the httpd.conf. If i set Listen to the existing, it fail to serve wan requests.

Is there a solution, either to delay apache autostart or configure it some different?

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IP address is optional. Just set something like

Listen 80

And it will bind to port 80 on all interfaces.

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Oh, thanks! I am just blind. I tried this before, but it didn't work because I havent /etc/hosts record yet, and it failed for another reason. I just have to be more persistent :) Thanks again! – Col. Shrapnel Mar 13 '10 at 14:36

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