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I have a Debian-Based VPS on some hosting. I want to migrate from it and i need to make a full copy of all Linux-filesystem (and installed packages) + all home directory with website files. And then pack/convert it to ISO image so that to use it on cloud hostings like Amazon.

The problem is that i have only ssh root access. Hosting support can't do that for me.

Another part of the question - is it possible to enlarge the Linux-filesystem by not re-installing it and using the free space of home directory?

Is it possible to do? I guess it is possible with rsync or something like that. Will my Mysql databes copy together with all other data?

Thanks in advance!

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can able to install any of rpm to using your login and password if yes then you can install from following web site require rpm or tar and simply run from console mondoarchive to create .iso !!

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thanks, Rajat! it's good – moogeek Mar 13 '10 at 15:45
is working for you !!! your welcome – Rajat Mar 13 '10 at 19:01

Essentially you want to make a full disk backup, where the storage is a .iso file. This is a bit unusual; as you mention, rsync is a more common tool for this. There's a number of backup tools in Debian that can do the job; surely one of them can export to .iso. Worst case scenario, use fuse (or mount loopback) to create a writable mount point backed by a .iso file. I'm not sure any of these solutions will create bootable backups though.

The problem with databases is generally that you need to take em down to get a consistent snapshot. If you're migrating servers that's not a problem, but when you're just making backups of a live server you generally don't want the availability hit. So you have the DB generate a dump file, configure the backup tool to skip all the database data expect the dump.

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You can simplify your request a bit, as it's Debian based don't bother backing up packages, just store the output of dpkg --get-selections, which you can then get to take affect with dpkg --set-selections

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