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How to install an anonymous proxy in Ubuntu 9.10 server which listens on every public network ethernet interfaces?

I have other service like Nginx, MySQL running on that server so I hope the proxy server wont conflict with them.


I just wanted to browse web pages via the proxy I setup on my server while hide my origining ip addresses. It's not for public use but i connect to the proxy from my home computer, etc.

Anonymous mean it does not carry a "HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR" field in HTTP request header.

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What exactly do you mean by anonymous, and are the people you want to serve on your local network or coming from the outside. – Zoredache Mar 13 '10 at 19:38
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You want Squid. There should be an Ubuntu package for it, and it's not hard to set up. You can configure it to not send headers with your original IP.

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it is nothing do with mysql as well nginx

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