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I run ASP.NET on Mono.

I wanted to run blogengine:

I downloaded, put it in /var/www/blogengine, on the console went to /var/www/blogengine and started xsp2.

I went to http://localhost:8080, and it ran without problems.

Then I stopped xsp2, went to /var/www and started xsp2.

I went to http://localhost:8080/blogengine

It ended with a strange error:

The section can't be defined in this configuration file (the allowed definition context is 'MachineToApplication'). (/var/www/blogengine/Web.Config line 9)

The problem seems to be that it stops working as soon as the xsp2 root folder is anything else than the application root folder...

Do I have to config anything? Or what else is wrong?

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This is expected behaviour. You must run xsp in the root of your web application or specific a path to be root.

For example...

xsp2 --root /var/www/blogengine
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Checkout my blog at, I've setup on ubuntu server, using lighttpd and mono-fastcgi-server2, it's working great!!

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