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We're using PfSense as an internal router/firewall (no connection to WAN). Using the Web-GUI, under Status ---> Interfaces, there's one particular interface where I have some errors:

In/out errors    3513/0

I then SSHed to the firewall to validate the info provided by the WebGUI and here's the output:

# netstat -ni -I bce2
Name    Mtu Network       Address                  Ipkts Ierrs     Opkt  Oerrs  Coll
bce2   1500 <Link#3>      00:23:7d:cd:a2:a2   1404522323  3513 749797131     0     0
bce2   1500                   6     -         6     -     -

As you can see, both present the same info (errors on incoming packets). I switched cables, changed network card, changed port on switch and I still see the errors. My 2 questions really are:

1) Is there any way I could get more info on the nature of these errors? or is this all I can get?

2) Should I be worried about this? As you can see, the errors are a VERY LOW percentage of all the total incoming packets. In other words, is this normal on a high-traffic gigabit interface?

Thanks! JFA

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1) There may be dosens of possible reasons. Most possible: you've got some buffer overruns.


  • dmesg
  • sysctl dev.bce
  • vmstat -z (USED/LIMIT)
  • nestat -s (Errors/Buffers)

You can also try some tuning from here: but they are for advanced sysadmins only, use them on your own risk!

2) Maybe. With time, when load inscreases this percentage will increase too.

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Hi, Thanks for the help. That's exactly what I needed to get started. When I run the sysctl command I get: dev.bce.2.com_no_buffers: 3513 that indeed seems like a buffer overrun? I checked kern.ipc.nmbclusters but it is set to zero. I'm still looking... Thanks! – JFA Mar 14 '10 at 18:43
now you have something to start googling =) good place to start is here:… – SaveTheRbtz Mar 14 '10 at 21:30

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