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Can somebody tell me how to rename the DB server instance name and a DB name in SQL Server 2005?

Right Now I Have


-- oldnameDB

I want to change the server instance and also change the db name.

I have tried:

EXEC sp_renamedb 'oldName', 'newName'

and that has changed the dbname as it appers in the tree directory. But, when I do "select @@servername" it is the old name. Also, the MDF and LDF files are still the old name.

How do change instance and db names as a clean sweep across the server?


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Note, there is no article in MSDN to rename instances. This may be the closest: How to: Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server.

Frankly I'd reinstall if you want to chance instance name

sp_renamedb (deprecated, use ALTER DATABASE) will only change the name in sys.databases. You'll have detach, rename files, reattach. Or backup/restore WITH MOVE

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it's possible with sp_addserver and some registry edits

see oj's comment here:

or the other option is re-install and reload the db...

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