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SQL Server 2008 db instance is installed on a win 2003 server, networked (but no domain) VM. I can browse a cube from BIDS on the same VM, but when I try to browse the same cube on a windows 7 (home premium) networked machine, I get a connection error. The error suggests checking the datasource settings which I have, and when I click "test connection" on the datasource it is successful. Looking for probably causes and solutions?

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The datasource may be using SQL authentication to connect to the underlying data in the DSV, whereas when browsing a cube you will be using Windows authentication. The difference there could explain it.

The Windows account on your Win7 box, try creating a same name/password user on the SSAS box, then set that new account to have access to the cube, then try browsing again from your Win7 box. If they're not on a domain, this is how you generally need to 'trick' it.

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