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In continuation of attempting to get an old Digi ST-1032 working on a new server, we've downgraded a server to Windows 2000 in an attempt to use the NT4 drivers. And it works, the old software setup works, finds the device on the SCSI bus, and connects the 32 ports to COM3..COM34 or any other set using the port remapper tool.

The minor issue that remains is that Plug-and-Play still detects this device over SCSI and tries to wizard you into selecting a driver for it. Which doesn't exists (Digi Intl support confirms this device is so old, a 2000 or XP driver was never made). The exact name displayed is "DigiIntl ST-1032 SCSI Net Device"

(Oddly enough, two devices get detected with this name, on two neighbouring LUN's, could one be the built-in terminator?)

Is there a way to concoct a simple .inf that would (re-)register the existing sts.sys that appears to get registered by the (old) installer of the driver software?

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