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I have a large MS-SQL database that i need to send to the aws cloud. The issue is how do i persist my sql data and how to setup MS-SQL cluster using windows AMI.

The real issue is that for replication i need to use the private ip's of the instances. However, these ip's are always dynamic and will change on server launch.

Any ideas on how i can get rid of this problem.

I really appreciate your help

Best Regards Hareem Haque

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Use Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes to persist your SQL data.

The private IP address won't change after a server restart; are you wondering how to get the IP address of a new instance ? If so, you'll probably have to do some scripting and use the EC2 API tools to get the IP address of each new instance. Post a comment if I've got the wrong end of the stick and I'll try to help more.

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