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We got 10 ESXi hosts running. We don't have budget for Virtual center licenses. Is there some free tool that just gives us consolidated view of all VMs with poweroff and poweron options for each VM.We don't need Vmotion, all other stuff.


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It's not a GUI, but I know libvirt is able to talk to ESX machines.

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VMware Go allows you to do some fairly limited ESXi centralised management. There are some compromises and none of the advanced features (no cloning, deploying VM's from templates and VMotion\DRS\HA etc are totally out) but it does provide a single console for powering on\off and some other basic functions. The main drawback is that it is a cloud service.

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I believe the current version of Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager will allow you to administer (power on/off) VMware images. Of course it's not free - but you can demo it for 100+ days, during which time something better/cheaper may come along. Runs on Windows Server 2008.

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On the libvirt page, there are a list of applications that leverage libvirt. Some of them may solve your problem either collectively or individually.

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Convirture is probably exactly what you're looking for - the OpenSource version is free, if you get to the point where you feel you have want to spend some money, they have a couple of commercial products Convirture Enterprise & Convirture Enterprise Cloud. Only problem is that Convirture currently does not support ESX (AFAIK) - only KVM and Xen - maybe you should reconsider your Hypervisor choice and go all open source.

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