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A quote from the Technet Planning for Highly Available Virtual Machines


It is recommended that you not deploy virtual machines that are not highly available on your host clusters. Although you can do this by using Hyper-V (VMM does not allow it), the non-highly available virtual machines will consume resources that otherwise would be available to the HAVMs

What kind of resources (CPU,memory, NIC, etc) will that non-HA VM consume? Not all VMs in production will be in Failover Cluster with Live Migration. If i put the VM into CSV but did not make it as HA, what impact does it make since i allocate same vCPU, vNic and VMemory into the VM? -- Ignoring that I lost fail over feature.

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I think it is more a management thing. The system tracks all VM's that are under HA management.... and will ignore thee others, which will / may lead to bad decisions when moving VM's. There is also no way to move a high CPU usage VM to another physical and underutilized server if it is no tpart of a cluster.

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Even if it could take it into account it would be wasteful of expensive shared resources (the shared LUN and the CPU and RAM on a HA capable host) on a VM that doesn't need them. It might still be OK to do it but it's not the best use of those resources. – Helvick Mar 17 '10 at 15:09

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