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I have a situation where a bunch of users are running our software on a Terminal Services machine on Windows 2003 Server. I've removed most permissions from the User group, but made sure they all have the appropriate permissions for their own application folders, as well as for their Documents and Settings folder.

For some reason, even though everything seems to be set up properly, users can't create or delete files from their My Documents, Temp or other D&S folders.

Whatever could be going on? I thought this was going to be straightforward, but clearly it's not! :-)

Thanks for any help!

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My guess is that the rather opaque phrase "I've removed most permissions from the User group" probably contains your answer. What do you mean, specifically? I suspect you're trying to say that you've been out monkeying around with NTFS (and possibly registry) ACL entries relating to the BUILTIN\Users group. The default permissions for BUILTIN\Users on a W2K3 Terminal Server computer are sufficient to prevent unprivileged users from damaging the machine. You don't need to try and outthink Microsoft re: the permissions granted to BUILTIN\Users by default. – Evan Anderson Mar 22 '10 at 18:37

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