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I'm looking for a way to run HP-UX (for educational purposes), but I don't have HP hardware right now.

These options are not very suitable for me:

  • HP TestDrive program - Looks like it was discontinued 2 years ago.
  • Ski - looks like only CPU emulator. Is it worth trying?
  • HPPAQEMU - Patch for old Qemu for HPPA-Linux guest-OS only. Is it worth trying?
  • hp-ux Aires - I don't need to visualize HP-PA on HP-Itanium. That question is about using HP-UX without HP hardware.

A year ago I was working as a system integrator at TTI Telecom and now I'm (self-|un)employed and don't want to look for job right now because of institute graduation. TTI and some other companies with offices in my city use HP-UX. So better knowledge of HP-UX could be a very useful skill if I decide to work there.

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Is there a reason that you need HP-UX specifically, and not something like Linux or one of the Intel BSDs? –  mfinni Mar 18 '10 at 3:11
Chances are he does - the usual reason for this sort of thing is a requirement to work with the kit in some other context. –  ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Mar 18 '10 at 8:30
With your edit, I'm fairly sure that a general Linux education would serve almost as well, and be very easy. That said, if you can get a cheap eBay HPUX machine, do that too. –  mfinni Mar 19 '10 at 2:49

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Buy an old server or workstation? I don't see a lot on eBay, but if you could find one locally, I bet a lot of places are like the last place I worked: we threw out a couple of 712 workstations that had been used for testing, and when I left there was still a E55 server sitting unplugged in the corner.

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pity this didn't come up sooner, we just tossed about a dozen of the older pa-risc servers we had –  Jim B Mar 18 '10 at 10:59

I agree with Ward's post. For an Itanium/HPUX box you can get a ZX6000 off ebay - a lightly configured one can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Older PA-RISC boxes can be purchased even cheaper.

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