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I've been hitting my head for a while as to how to do this. The scenario is as follows: I want to be able to forward all outbound web traffic from a browswer to Tor so that it is properly anonymized. Normally, one could just set the http proxy in the browser and be done with it but this is with a browser without the ability to do so specifically, a mobile browser.

So ideally, what could be done then is to intercept all web/dns traffic requests from the browser and send it to Tor. Assume for this, that Tor will be running on the device too.

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This isn't what you asked for but it might be of interest. Lets you proxify applications that don't have their own native proxy settings.

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As you're talking about iptables, i think your device is running Linux, what if you define your proxy in the HTTP_PROXY environment variable? I do this way with Chromium browser for example. Environment variables can be dynamicaly set using:

export HTTP_PROXY=proxy_ip:proxy_port
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Browser does not understand HTTP_PROXY. – jnman Mar 18 '10 at 1:30

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