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I have the following configuration of logrotate:

/var/log/test/app.log {
        rotate 4

The application generating the log is a Java application. 2 I set up this configuration yesterday before midnight. Today in the morning I noticed that logRotate made a file called "app.log.1", which only had log entries between 8:21 AM and 10:05 AM. app.log was logging since 10:05 AM. All the logs before 8:21 AM were missing! Furthermore, "app.log.1" wasn't even compressed.

Do you know what could've caused this?

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Please edit your question to add contents of the file /etc/logrotate.conf – kubanczyk Mar 18 '10 at 11:40
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is your java application using log4j? perhaps the app has a rollingfileappender configured, so the logrotation came from the app itself not from your logrotate configuration.

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