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Does anyone have any experience setting up a high availability two node Linux cluster using heartbeat ( and NetApp storage (preferably using SnapDrive for Linux)?

Basically I would like to mount the same NetApp LUN over Fibre Channel to two servers in an Active/Passive mode (only one server can access the LUN at a time)


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What's your question? It's technically possible.

Unless there's a requirement otherwise, I would probably have the storage mounted in a resource script as opposed to keeping it mounted at all times.

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So as you have specified using a LUN via fibre channel, then you would also need to have a clustered file system. At that point is there a reason you are not using nfs ?

As warner says why would you want to do it ? I am pretty sure you could do it but you would treat as any other system. eg

  • Create the lun
  • Present the lun to the hosts
  • Format clustered filesystem
  • Mount on each host.

However what are you trying to do that needs a clustered file system rather than simple nfs ?

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You don't need a clustered file system for what you are trying to do (at least not on Linux). What you want to do is mount that file system from the LUN only once wich heartbeat/pacemaker should do just fine as your file system is a resource with defined ownership. Presenting a LUN to two hosts at the same time is generally not a problem (on Linux).

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