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I've managed to install pnp4nagios 0.6.3 and I'm a bit confused about how pnp4nagios generates graphics. Almost out of the box, it started graphs for ping and some http servers (not all of them). But, how can I make it graph things like disk utilization (When that value comes from SNMP)??

For example,

ls /usr/local/pnp4nagios/var/perfdata/isis/

Cola_de_Mail.rrd  Cola_de_Mail.xml  HTTP.rrd  HTTP.xml  PING.rrd  PING.xml

Those are checks running on the host isis, but there are many other checks for that server that are not taken into account by pnp4nagios. How can I make pnp4nagios "see" the other checks??


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Ok. Reading a bit more, it seems the problem might be because the checking script is not writing Performance Data :-) – Matias Mar 19 '10 at 16:41

) The problem was my nagios commands weren't supporting Performance data. A nagios command for support performance data must have an output similar to this:


If the command doesn't support performance data, you can write a wrapper for that command. Automagically the XML files are created and the services appear in the web interface! :-)


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Nagios dont plot this graphs.

rrd do that.

man rrdtool

and check what in you rrd files (is data collected right?)

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